Millennials not so smart. Need reminded about Safe Reproductive Care.

I. Bergman/A. Quinn 1964 - Film: THE VISIT

THE VISIT – 1964 Bergman/Quinn

I stumbled across an old movie that really got my attention. I found myself on my feet shouting, “me, too!” “Me, too…”  even before the Me Too Movement.

THE VISIT staring Ingrid Bergman & Anthony Quinn. Hell hath no fury is an understatement.

THE HOMESMAN with Hilary Swank Tommy Lee Jones

Another film to ignite pit in stomach when forced to witness women suffering mental and physical abuse by spouses and others who control them.  THE HOMESMAN starring  Hilary Swank and Tommy Lee Jones. To get to the heart of the matter, scroll over to 14:19, 14:39 and 15:8 (or view the 1st half hour) to see birth control not so very long ago.  

Don’t let other issues fool you. This election is about women and power.