The Silent Church


When The Church can’t keep women down they turn to politics. (Men who get too full of themselves God help their wives…).

Bookcases full of theology are read & highlighted. Biblical scholars predict a world-wide  war under ten (10) kings. The ten groups could be geographic new borders or ten corporations that own & control everything and I mean everything.   Very interesting as current Borders & Allies may be shifting as Russia, China & America salivate & carve up our Earth’s resources. Isn’t it ironic, men covet worldly wealth but aren’t concerned about a possible climate catastrophe?

Before males of our species bring about another dire future, females want men to know there is a fork in the road for women this time in history.

Women always have done what they must to survive and will do so again.


Most women will not use guns this time.

As per Agatha Christie poison is a woman’s weapon. I really hope it doesn’t come to that, but women will not be going back hundreds of years into slavery.  Money is what men think is most worthy, not homes, wives or children. Ask yourself:  Is my husband, clergy or employer worshiping an idol?