Womens 2020 Election Warning to Men

I am proud of the women in the United States on how they once again are reaching for equality…gaining in strength for the coming RvW show-down. Abortion isn’t about babies, ladies, it’s about POWER. Have you noticed every issue comes back to this? They want us to have more babies when won’t care for ones they have now; not about children’s health care; or clean environment; or their medical issues; or their education. Are our men daft? Women are not thinking about  more babies, guys, they’re thinking about a big fat DIVORCE.

All in all women have out-shown and out-classed the men Attorneys General Bill Barr latest to join list of disappointments, his wife having to hide behind the front door. I bet she warned him not to get involved with American gangsters & oligarchs, that she was happy with her life the way it was.   It is always wives and families hurt when men behave badly.