The Silent Church


When The Church can’t keep women down they turn to politics. (Men who get too full of themselves.)

Bookcases full of theology are read & highlighted. Biblical scholars predict a world-wide  war under ten kings. The ten groups could be geographic new borders or ten corporations that own & control everything and I mean everything.   Very interesting as current Borders & Allies may be shifting as Russia, China & America salivate & carve up our Earth’s resources. Isn’t it ironic, men covet worldly wealth but aren’t concerned about a possible climate catastrophe?  Before Males of our Species bring about this dire future, females want men to know there is a fork in the road for women. We’ve always done what we must to survive. We will again.


Then and Now.






4 thoughts on “The Silent Church

  1. It was nice to meet you today. I think the key is to raise sons that aren’t afraid of strong smart women.

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