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International Women’s Day March 8th is about Equality

Excuse me, excuse me...

Excuse me, excuse me…


Gender Equality… and we have been witnessing for the first time in US history, a qualified woman applying for the top job in the land. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is Oh so sure there has to be something wrong with her. There is no way Mrs. Clinton would be able to hold up under scrutiny of badgers, millions of them. Call me dumb, but, what I see is Men pulling out all stops to block a woman on her way to the White House. It’s about power.


You can't be better than  me, you just CAN'T!

You can’t be better than me, you just CAN’T!

There are some women who always side with men, as we have seen from history. All kinds of reasons are justified. In 1920, would you have voted and marched for Women’s Voting Rights (often suffering for it) or did you find an excuse. And here you are again, not voting for the woman…the woman who is most qualified…the woman who hasn’t done anything worse than the rest of us. Can you throw the first stone?




It would be quite impossible to bring down our current banking system,  

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it is international ya know. (haven’t you seen THE INTERNATIONAL with Clive Owen?) causing unforeseen ripples and dominos bringing our whole system down. It is the same as going into Iraq. Act and think later. No one disagrees we have some greedy bastards out there, but we the people are reaping what we have sown. We are all familiar with Jennifer Garner’s what’s in YOUR wallet.

It would be easier on all of us if we skip trying to find a scapegoat. Be excited about a new way to live. America leading the way in renewables, there’s our jobs. And, where our education money needs to go.

New Jobs will lessen tensions. Maybe Wall St. could  help us? 04




Generosity (Immigration Reform) will bring us a healthy pride. A little more charm and less penis measuring is in order. A fairy godmother(HRC) to sprinkle some fairy dust that mothers have, as she tells us what must be done and the wisest direction, and give praise where praise is due. Those Congress boys will have a difficult time getting around her (while we are replacing them). She will shine a light on shenanigans. If Hillary becomes President in 2017, and serves two terms, it will be year 2025.THE HOMESMAN with Hilary Swank Tommy Lee Jones I want a woman in the White House when the men come after our safe reproductive health care. The war is coming and we can’t let opportunities like Wendy Davis in Texas and Grimes in Kentucky pass by.

Are we for women, or not. Lord help us if we’re not. If you need a small explanation and reminder, download THE HOMESMAN with Tommy Lee Jones and Hilary Swank and space/time bar over to 14:19,14:39,15:20. Unintended pregnancies has everything to do with Biology and there is enough blame to go around. Men, think very carefully, before you go down this road. It could get very expensive for you.

Pull your favorite scarf out of your dresser to wear to vote.


Homework:  Choose the favorite scarf you will wear to go vote in and set it out as reminder until Elections in November.


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