When you take your eye off the ball — you lose.

Egyptian woman mourns

Egyptian woman mourns (Wikipedia)

   Egypt is Rioting because they have no JOBS.

Haven’t you ever wondered why they don’t leave at 7:00am and go to a job?

Its time to admit someone doesn't want us to have jobs...ya thing?

Its time to admit someone doesn’t want us to have jobs…ya think? (Wikipedia)

Even Writers have hours.

Like we have been able to do here in America? Up until now, anyway. 

EGYPT(Photo from Wikipedia)

Take a look at Egyptian women without jobs to go to... we are getting a first-hand look…front row seat...of what it looks like for a country to have no jobs, all the money at the top held by a few special interests groups.

If I had a house, and food money, and education for my children, I wouldn't care what religion everyone was.....

NOW… What does all this have to do with keeping your eye on the ball?

(Photos from Wikipedia)

 How many text books, classes, seminars, sports coaches, teachers, mentors, professors, tell us we MUST keep our eye on our GOAL? Are we daft?

How much time was wasted on the Birther Issue.


You mean...I'm NOT God?

You mean…I’m NOT God? (Wikipedia)


Do our Shepherds really think they know better?  They could be rebuking bad Christian behavior from behind the Pulpit, but they do not..


How much energy was wasted over finding blame for Benghazi?  No one has been prosecuted over the Twin Towers or Iraq.  Thousands of lives, and billions of dollars.  Placing blame?  Waste of Time. 

Benghazi belonged to the Ottoman Empire at one time.  They don’t even know WHO they are…  (Zemanta Image)Mawlid_Celebrations_in_Ottoman_Benghazi


 How much energy is being wasted over the War On Women?

Oh, come on, there always has been…  filedesc Image of eight girls sitting and faci...



Minwage3 (Photo credit: Zemanta)

O.K.  Enough blame to go around. Who is putting us to work for minimum & low wages? Right to Work States.  


Golf carts

Golf carts (Photo credits: www.myparkingsign.com)


Somebody is fighting even a decent minimum wage.

A $35K house doesn’t exist anymore, do you want to live in the ghetto and drive a old beat-up golf cart?





How much energy is being wasted  Suppressing the Vote



Is this what you think is right?

 What's coming.

(Both Photos from Wikipedia)

Don't make me "Blink!"

         Don’t make me “Blink!” (Wikipedia)


“Jeannie” is out of the Bottle, and Becky, and Mary, and Susan, and Denise, and Laura, and Glenda, and Donna, and Shirley, and Sharon, and, and, and…



Sheep falling off cliffSheep being led off the mountain. (Photo from Wikipedia)


What do you think?  Would you do without a few luxuries to buy only   Buy American“American?” 

(Photo from Wikipedia)



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