Hate Trumped Love in America

Are you really for woman's equality, or not?Sitting in my hair dresser‘s chair today, several young women came through the door asking for donations for abused women & children. After reaching for my purse I hesitated, realizing our country recently voted in this very kind of man abuser of just about everyone. I found myself wondering how these women voted, something ordinarily I wouldn’t have EVER crossed my mind. I didn’t donate.  I’m bitter.

Women…you’re on your own. I suggest moving to a Blue State with better men in deed & character.

By choosing Donald Trump as your savior you have set back equal rights for women a generation. There is nothing that disgusts me more than a pious woman. Stupid men are foreseeable, but the women who spread the rumor that Hillary Clinton killed babies have a special fall to come. God has a habit of taking down Pharisees, both men & women in His own good time. Plagues, vials, & locusts are coming, but no education or healthcare for women will come first.

English: Donald Trump's signature.

English: Donald Trump’s signature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)