Americas’ “Word no good” & will never be happy again…

casino-jackWhat do you think other countries are thinking now we have put a gambler gangster in the White House. The most powerful man in the world. A predator to others. Leting the greedy bastards at the top win instead of protecting RvW was the biggest mistake women have made in recent history. (The 9th Supreme.) Also, Goldman Sachs the biggest winner of the Election, I hear.shutterstock_24890797-1024x682



Every woman is afraid of men with questionable reputations known & proven to say anything for their own ego & benefit.  Insatiable“I can do what I want, when I want, to whom I want.”

  • Mirror-3These guys said women must be punished for abortion with no penalties for males.
  • More than enough women came forth with agonizing and embarrassing information, warning us and no one cared, even other women. Don’t expect them to care for your daughters when it happens to them.

You’ll know if your husband/lover/friend really loves you if they care about women’s rights. Most men come up short. Especially Conservative men.  The 2016 & 2018 elections proved it. Red State after Red State They don’t really love us. It is not like the song says “in his kiss.” It’s when he verbally understands and fights for safe reproductive care for his wife and daughters, lovers & friends. Again, the Red States said NO! We don’t really love you, only ourselves. TERRIFYING, isn’t it?  

Get ready for increase in spousal abuse. shutterstock_67756063

Some female spiders eat their mates. Now I know why.