What Causes Secrecy?

shutterstock_62261887shutterstock_192336764Is it because we don’t want to hurt someone?

You said something against your in-laws, your boss?

Something you regretted…repeating it would destroy a relationship?



Is there a difference between “Secrecy” and “Confidentiality?”

Some secrets are bad. What are they? You murdered somebody. You cheated on your spouse. You stole something of your neighbor’s. You’re jealous of your friend’s good fortune.

Is there a secret you need to know? Why? What is your motive? Was it to hurt somebody?

How many secrets do YOU have? Things you would rather others not know.shutterstock_243257575

 Does my husband need to know? Say your family is tight with money, and you give $100.00 to a homeless person. Who needs to know?



 Someone told you a secret, and said not to tell. And you told.  Anybody?Anybody?



Do you have something to hide? A daughter caught stealing. Or son caught chanting racist words, revealing racism in your family.


I’m standing with Hillary on her e-mails. My neck’s stuck out anyway.

Her reason?


Because she doesn’t trust anyone inshutterstock_213409108 Washington!






Her private e-mails may be the safest kept American secrets we have.


image010 Girls ArguingThose disgusted at Hillary over her non-disclosure choices are disappointed in her.  Well, sometimes we don’t know all the answers, or do the right thing. Most of us do not.

Think what our next President will inherit.

There is no law in the land.

The Supremes have let us down.

The IRS had to be investigated.

The CIA hacked the Committee appointed to oversee them.

The VA Chairman had to be replaced.

The Secret Service, our shining glory, let their standards down.

Gangsters in charge.? So what of it? They can’t be charged.shutterstock_138592292


Voting rights protected? Apparently not.

112th, 113th, and 114th Congress? Stepped over each other for power, as recently demonstrated.




A WORD ABOUT LOYALTYshutterstock_108972347

It has been stated loyal Hillary supporters have been attacked for remaining loyal in the face of what appears her indiscretion.

Yes. That’s right. This is what loyalty looks like.


Here is what Loyalty DOESN’T LOOK LIKE:

Shelley Moore Capito


Shelley Moore Capito  W.VA and Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire.  It is such a loss when women in the position hurt us so badly.  30 pieces of Silver goes a long way these days.    Kelly Ayotte





Does Hillary Clinton need to run for Presidency? No. She is doing it for us. She is doing it because we asked her. She is doing it because we need a new way of thinking. The other side of the brain.




The less aggressive side. The Peacemaker side. The side that still has hope.





Hillary Clinton knows God sees her e-mails. And for her, He is the only one who counts right now.   shutterstock_226610113

She’ll take her chances with the rest of us.





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Remember Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson? What a gal, my hero. (I recommend all women watch Seasons 1-7 consecutively to learn how to delegate and mentor younger subordinate colleagues.) Hillary Clinton

Kyra headshot

What we need in the White House is a Closer, liken as to Kyra Sedgwick’s character. God, I hope so. The Closer meet The Closer.  And if we can get Loretta Lynch positioned, and Elizabeth Warren in place, watch out.