Getting the thing you have coveted has destroyed you.

I Remember a Star Trek episode when Spock is called home to Vulcan for a marriage ceremony manipulated by his betrothed.  A contract that could end with death of Captain Kirk. Spock admonishes his intended fiancĂ© in the last scene… getting the thing you have coveted is what has destroyed you.”

Women said NO! to a KING in America. It wasn’t easy but boy didn’t women shine. I can’t believe how many smart courageous women have been speaking out informing and instructing us. And giving us the correct news and how it affects women & children. Turns out Trumpism is despised by most women now playing out with those refusing to protect others by doing what they can with masks and having a big-ass tantrum on the steps of the Nation’s Capital, both men & women but mostly men. This is a men problem.  We do have men standing up for civil rights and women’s rights, and being decent, however they are anomalies. Way too few and would crumble in a crisis. It’s an evolutionary process. That’s where the rubber hits the road because in most religious doctrine men do not believe in evolution. So, they don’t evolve. This is becoming a problem.


Whose move is it?

I hadn’t noticed before. Not only is she blind-folded but her dress has been torn or ravaged.

No. Not this time.
No more religious wars.