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In 1920 many women voted AGAINST their own Rights to Vote. What has HRC done to deserve such low “likability” polls? Nothing. They are jealous.

English: Chris Matthews at the 2010 Time 100.

English: Chris Matthews at the 2010 Time 100. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




I was wondering when a Journalist was going to get down to brass tacks and address the “real” elephant in the room .

Thank you Chris Matthews.



Just What WILL the “Punishment” be for women who seek abortions?

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Conservatives/Evangelicals have gone on record.. there will be NO Punishment for Men. Lady with Knife


Which leads Women one thing left for them to do;

No, not murder, ladies….something better.



No more Nookie. No more nice home to come home to. Pack your bags, sucker!Dog with suitcase 

You’ve been wanting to join a movement, but not necessarily bring down our Financial System.

Let’s get to the real crux of the problem. Men. Men have abused their power and responsibility in every way, always.

  • Dominion over the Earth (protect Environment);
  • Money Management (in home and government);
  • Adultery/Greed;
  • Tribal Warfare Mentality in 2016!


  • Keeping women down as low as possible for six thousand years, has created something wrong in their hearts:

             Selfishness and Rage






It will be up to the female-side of things to bring our species back into balance.


Calling All Progressive Women;

1/4 of Conservative Women; and

1/16 of men (the evolved ones).


If you need a reminder, review the movie THE CRIMSON PETAL AND THE WHITE, Novel by Michel Faber. The Protagonist throws herself down a staircase to abort in order to stop the Man of the House from throwing her out into the streets to starve, because he’s gotten her pregnant.  She breaks her ankle on the stairs, but still needs to lie upside down on her back in agony to complete the abortion. These practices were common a few short years before we won the vote.

In the good 'ole days when we used Borax up the vagina. (Upside down on our backs!)
In the good ‘ole days when we used Borax up the vagina. 
You want to go back?


Women won’t need an education (free, or otherwise), or health care (free, or otherwise), or $15 /hr. minimum wage (equal, or otherwise) if not in control of their own bodies, their own lives. The Church has never been a friend to women. Read your history.