The White House



English: Dolley Madison, c. 1804, by Gilbert S...

English: Dolley Madison, c. 1804, by Gilbert Stuart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tears came to my eyes recently, as I watched a re-run of Laura Bush’s Documentary on a tour of the White House. It must have been recorded sometime during 2001-2009.   I began listening toward the middle of the report when Laura was explaining  one original portrait of George Washington from the original White House was saved by Dolley Madison from the 1814 fire set by the British. It is said Dolley wouldn’t leave the blazing White House without it.   I don’t know why I was so saddened. Was it because the Documentary was so well done showing video of many of the formal social events given, important documents signed, and outdoor parties with marching bands, with ALL of Congress invited and having such a good time showing honor to the President, his wife, his family and the wonderful White House with all its history? And then, my stomach wrenched as I recalled how shabbily our current President, and his wife and family have often been treated while they have been there.  How many Republicans in Congress have said a kind word to our President recently…ever? What good Christians we have been. When we look back a hundred years from now, the shame will be for them to see. I am really looking forward to a woman President. Perhaps some good manners will be restored. All these petty jealousies put to rest, and get some business done. The White House BOOK-COVER-...if-they-really-loved-us.-230x300


Read this book and register to vote. Believe me, you’re going to want to. 

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