I'll meet you at the Mall.             Is there something lustful about holding a gun?

More women today are taking gun classes & carry conceal and carry cards. I could hit my mark if I had to, but…

A hint for Behavioral Scientists & Clinical Psychologists.  It’s about the males.

Many men are complaining about having no jobs. Perhaps some men will now know how it feels when a woman is left alone to raise his children, to work 2-3 jobs to feed them (scrub floors, prostitute ourselves or anything it takes to keep their families safe).

Now that our Supreme Court has cheated…

Will men make additional and NEW restrictive laws for Women?

They always do, check your history. Here are a few they are considering now that males have maneuvered absolute power:

  • Women can’t vote unless making a certain amount of money or own real estate;  
  • Or, imprison women for a miscarriage. Women’s rights are now gone “just like that!”–

AND… MEN ARE ARMING THEMSELVES. Will women have to arm against them?