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D.J. Parsons

I want to personally thank you for visiting my site.  My goal is to provide a quick easy way for women to know the issues in the News regarding women. Your voice is needed. We are not being told the same thing. Who is right? In the end, we make our own decisions to keep ourselves and families safe.  I believe a focused effort, just as when we demanded the vote, can aid in forcing America back on track.

Will you join me?– d.j.parsons






Read an e-book while waiting in airports.

Real an e-book while waiting in airports.  TO BOOK PAGE


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  1. Olivia Miller

    I’ve always enjoyed listening to Denise’s new ideas and thoughts. I was one of the people that she walked up and said, ” Hey, I’m writing a new book called The Murder of the Church Secretary, what do you think?” I believe Denise will go very far in the world of literature!


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