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Thank you for visiting my site.  Your voice is needed. I’m beginning to think men’s increased aggression is a biological thing. If you are a biologist or psychologist or expert in any studies of behavior, perhaps you could help the rest of us. We are not being told the same thing. Who is right?

In the end we make our own decisions to keep ourselves and families safe. Don’t forget, women hold the buying power and can make or break a corporation. I believe a focused effort, as when we demanded the vote in 1920, can force America’s male leadership back on track.

Will you join me? Together we can join others. This movement won’t reach fever pitch until closer to 2020 climaxing over R v W.

The question women are being forced to answer is…are women going to continue to let men use abortion as a tool to divide us? To keep us in our place so they can go to war, ruin our Earth and spend all the money? Women need to get ahead of this before males go on full-blown attack. They will. Check your history.

Begin by clicking & reading PDF Slides then over to Amazon and get the Guide. Then pass it on. Women built Mary Kay and Home Interiors and we will assure the safety of women and girls the same way.








2 thoughts on “Author D.J. Parsons

  1. Donna Trimble


    Is a unique and spirited kind-hearted person. Love her quirky comments and zest for life.

  2. Olivia Miller

    I’ve always enjoyed listening to Denise’s new ideas and thoughts. I was one of the people that she walked up and said, ” Hey, I’m writing a new book called The Murder of the Church Secretary, what do you think?” I believe Denise will go very far in the world of literature!

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