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I Did NOT have Sexual Intercourse With That BRIDGE!


Lady with Knife

Back in the 80’s I had received my Fashion Design & Merchandising degree and had begun holding rehearsals for my first fashion show in a top nightclub. I was 26, green, extremely honest and trusting. Yeh sure, in the Fashion Industry?? One of the women I hired to model began making decisions on her own and undermining me. I hadn’t learned the word “diplomatic” yet, and in anger I spewed out “Hey, you whoo, YOU be the Model and I’LL be the Boss.”

The woman turned red with rage and by the end of the week I had received a summons for a concocted lawsuit.  I lost sleep and it cost money, but I learned a valuable lesson.

Watch Your Back! AND your Tongue.

Can you even imagine what goes on in both State and Federal Government?


They are asking him where the Sandy money went.

They are asking him where the Sandy money went, but America is in love with Gangsters.  

I’m not picking on this guy because I lean to the Left…I support women and their right to stay safe and relevant, I’m against shenanigans with voting suppression and wicked games, I don’t believe immigrants are “the other,” I don’t understand same gender sex but I do understand same gender love. I do understand the commandment Love Thy Neighbor.  I digress…


"Told ya so..."

“Told ya so…”   
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Perhaps New Jersey should have listened to Barbara  Buono. I like her. I knew what she was saying was true when she talked of powerful Bosses who wanted him in. The all male grip is almost impossible to correct.



Republican leadership are congratulating the N.J. Governor of "good leadership." I I were a woman I wouldn't work for any Republican Governors if I were you....

                Bullies Bite, darlin…that’s what we do. 
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Republican leaders are congratulating the N.J. Governor of “good leadership” for throwing his #2 and #3 right-hands under the bus.

If you are a woman working for Republican Governors you have been warned…


 Jesus was one. Christie sly like a fox and hand those ready handy, to blameChristie had them handy, ready to blame if necessary.

These people think waaay ahead.

Bullies come in many forms and one person’s bully is another person’s hero. There are several people looking into bullying in our schools. Now you know what they look like when they grow up.

Why have Evangelicals tied their coattails onto the Republican platform when it goes against the prime directive of loving people and not judging.” Are ministers pharisees? You would think they would at least know The Sermon on the Mount.


It was great while it lasted. Now she needs a bodyguard. I for one, will be reading her tell-all book, hope there is one.http://ramsey-nj.patch.com/groups/politics-and-elections/p/in-ramsey-support-for-bridget-kelly-runs-high

We can relate to this woman in that some of us know the feeling of being thrown under the bus upon occasion,

 but, you know the phrase “Birds of a feather flock together”?

Most parents try to impart to their young the importance of choosing their friends carefully. Humans tend to take on traits of who they hang with, who they admire. It is entirely possible Bridget began acting like everyone else in the office, but what she didn’t know, that she knows now, is that women are not held in high regard on the far Right. The Church teaches differently, that the Bible says men should love their wives (women) as Jesus loved the Church, however, anyone who works closely with the Church knows women are demeaned there.


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Woman in Cement Shoes: Image Credit: Mark Mawson

Does she needs a bodyguard?
I for one, will be reading her tell-all book, hope she lives to write one…or she might take the hush money.


Here’s what bothers me more than anything about the Bridge/Christie story. Most of  our leaders are baby boomer age, and in the 1970’s and 80’s when we were young there were many books and seminars on how to act in management. Yes, there are different  styles of leadership, but there are rules. Deep down we know what is right, and should be able to spot a fake. For some reason one side thinks Christie is a great leader and another side sees otherwise.

Have you been thrown under the bus?

Tell me.



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