The Chess Players of Ezekiel 38 & 39 reveal themselves as the Ten Toes of Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue begin to form.

Remember a Star Trek episode when Spock is called home to Vulcan for a marriage ceremony manipulated by his betrothed?  A contract that would end with death of Captain Kirk? Spock admonishes his intended fiancĂ© in the last scene… getting the thing you have coveted is what has destroyed you.”

Women said NO! to a KING in America. Not in the White House and not in our homes. Trumpism will get a man divorced. Female Trumpsters have other motives, some worship men, some are afraid.  This is O.K. They will come along.  We also have some men standing with women. However, these are anomalies. It’s an evolutionary process. That’s where the rubber hits the road as in most religious doctrine men don’t believe in evolution. So they don’t evolve. This is becoming a problem.


Whose move is it?

I hadn’t noticed before. Not only is she blind-folded but her dress has been torn or ravaged. – D.J. Parsons 2020

No. Not this time.
No more religious wars.