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The Silent Church


When The Church can’t keep women down, they turn to politics.

America was born to protect against religious persecution. (Men who get too full of themselves.)


My bookcases full of theology are read & highlighted. Biblical scholars say we’re going to have a world-wide religious war under ten (10) Kings. These 10 groups could be geographic new borders, or could be ten (10) Corporations that own & control everything and I mean everything!  




Very interesting as current Borders & Allies may be shifting as Russia, China & USA salivate & carve up our Earth’s resources. Isn’t it ironic, men covet worldly wealth but aren’t concerned about a possible climate catastrophe?


Before Males of our Species bring about this dire future, females want men to know…

there is a fork in the road for women.


Females can either: 

  1. Remain within & under control of ONE (1) of the three (3) Patriarchal Systems

(Jews, Christians, Muslim)

(all think less of  & abuse women,

We have ample  proof   (try 10,000 years of…)


2.  Separate from males & live independently, express our faith(s) without fear;  become economic self reliant; have control over giving birth, proud & confident of how smart women are, and not ashamed & forced into shadows.

Male domination & aggression on the rise. (Warp speed!)  


Birthing pains are gaining intensity & are closer together, what will come forth?  Something we can be proud of or complete collapse of America as we know it.

At No other time in history have women been able to rise to their potential,

really soar, be equal in every way.

Until now. Until NOW under Trumpism the snowball now irreversible and women must prepare. Do not fear, our foremothers had it much worse. We can do this. You can do this.


We’ve always done what we have to to survive.

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logo for Holy Moly – the website (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The problem isn’t  only how and why Donald Trump got into the WH. Holy, Moly! it is what Trumpism means to women & girls. I wouldn’t want to be a young women in today’s world.



You’re a target if you wear a headscarf.





There are as  many beautiful women in the world as there are beautiful varieties of scarves.  Pick out the scarf you will wear to go vote and leave it out to remind you daily, women under attack.


Day of the Gentleman is over. Good Manners are of the past. Brutality & BarRoom-talk is in. It’s OK to grope. It’s OK to lie. I am thankful for the husband I have. Are there only a few decent ones? What about yours? Does your husband fight for your rights? What can you do to start right now, forget past decisions and take a fresh look at policies you want to see in our Country.

Financial Help for Education?

Republican men voted down.

Men will stop educating us.

(Like Muslim men)

No job= No safe reproductive care

This is what it looks like.

Look familiar? 


Democracy Means Freedom from Men Ruling Over Others. 

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye! 

Republicans, Conservatives & Evangelicals

CANNOT be shamed & lost the Party.