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Does Your Husband show signs of “Trumpism?” It’s an epidemic!

Stop the presses!  Evil’s in charge. The Gangster of all Gangsters. (Trumps Administration  makes  BridgeGate Chris Christie look like a boy scout.  What’s happened here?



The opposite of what I was taught in Sunday School!

  • There’s a church on every corner but no love in the land.  They have lost their “first love.”
  • Biblical Law of Gleaning  (This is where those who have “much” have “much” responsibility to help others.) When did the name Evangelicals become a Political Party?  New Secretary of Education Devos is billionaire with new hobby. What will mothers do when there’s no Public School to take their child while they work?
  • Trump has begun a new Arms Race.  We’re goin’ to war. (We don’t know exactly where yet, could be here, could be there…)  Think Bruce Willis in The Siege.
  • Jesus was the great healer.  It was free. (Salvation was paid forward.) Healthcare for all, or none for anybody the motto going forward (Single Payer).  I have great healthcare through my husband’s Union. Speaking of Unions…
  • How about the right-to-work-for less.  The infrastructure Trump is boasting of, if it happens at all, will pay the lowest wages ever.  We must be given New education; Technology and New Energy not bring back assembling toasters & crock pots.
  • The White Uneducated Male demographic, both Reps and Dems did not vote for HRC because she’s a woman. No one has let this sink in yet. Husbands turned to wives and just said “No, no way.” Was it because they are uneducated? What does that mean? Are Males of our Species going through the changeOf course they are, for the first time in 10,000 years women do not need men. And boy are they ever angry & terrified.
  • Ladies, get ready. The danger to females will skyrocket right along with the surreal stock market. It’s going to get really, really ugly.

Under Trump Administration spousal abuse will go up. (If you’ve been thinking you are in a terrible relationship, get out now.)



You have entered…the Twilight Zone or is it the Hunger GamesSuzanne Collins really nailed it!

The Twilight Zone


Remember the day HRC’s knees buckled at her SUV?   It exhausts me…  Bill Clinton sabotaged his wife and compromised Loretta Lynch with one blow.

 James Comey on dart board’s everywhere…

I could go on, Governor to Governor Senator to Senator. They will protect each other, even across the aisle.

In my 2015 book, If They Really Loved Us, I put forth the question… Will our husbands, male friends and male leaders put women, wives & daughters first?  They did not. They put imaginary jobs and dreams of grandeur over the female candidate who would keep their women and daughters safe from poor reproductive care in the guise of moral superiority. The new 9th Supreme reeks of “trust me…”, however…he says golly-gee quite abit, uses charming jokes to disarm, has control over his anger but fidgets with his hands…humm. He looked up the word “person” in the dictionary and found a loop-hole to decide the Hobby-Lobby case (are Corporations People??) He said “yes.” He voted AGAINST people and FOR money, it was his track record.

Men come in all shapes and sizes and yes, we are married to these bozos. They are our husbands, friends, sons, brothers, nephews, fathers…  What leverage do females of the species have to ensure safety against the males of our species? I can think of several. (No, not eat them like spiders, but as effective.)       

You don’t know what the word “covert” means until you war against  women. Does anyone still think the war on women is imaginary?

Women of all faiths are organizing. – djparsons