Women who have shined the light…

The women in this directory are salt of our current age. Women in our past brought in light (and voted accordingly) in the way of abolishing slavery and child labor, reforming prisons, starting orphanages and schools, and insisting on fair wages. The names below from 2015-2016  tried to put us on the right path before the 2016 Presidential Election. But the corruption was too deep.


Don't put us in a box.

                           Don’t put us in a box.



Christiane Amanpour, ABC’s global affairs anchor, CNN host, and international correspondent: @camanpour

Hermela Aregawi: @HermelaTV

Nan Aron, President of the Alliance for Justice: @NanAron



Krystal Ball, Cohost of The Cycle and CPA: @krystalball

Molly Ball, politics writer for The Atlantic: @mollyesque

Monifa Bandele, MomsRising: @monifabandele

Christina Bellantoni, Editor-in-chief of Roll Call: @cbellantoni

Karima Bennoune, Professor of International Law at UC Davis: www.karimabennoune.com

Michelle D. Bernard, President of the Independent Women’s Forum, Bernard Center for Women: bernardcenter.org

Lisa Bloom, Civil Rights Attorney: @LisaBloom, www.lisabloom.com

Mia Bloom, Security Expert, Center for Terrorism Studies, Professor of Security Studies at University of Massachusetts Lowell: @MiaMBloom

Ellen Bravo, Author and activist for the rights of workers and working women: www.ellenbravo.com

Donna Brazile, political commentator and strategist: @donnabrazile

Tomiko Brown-Nagin, legal historian, constitutional law expert, and author of Courage to Dissent: tbrownnagin@law.harvard.edu

Leigh-Ann Buchanan, Berger Singerman Law Firm: lbuchanan@bergersingerman.com

Mary Burke: @Burke4WI

Erin Burnett, news anchor: @ErinBurnett

Anthea Butler, Professor of Religious Studies, U. of PA: @AntheaButler

Mika Brzezinski, author and MSNBC cohost: https://twitter.com/morningmika



Emily Cain: @emilyanncain

Jackie Calmes, New York Times White House Reporter: @calmesnyt

Irin Carmon, national reporter and Study of Reproductive Justice: @irin

Nicole Carty, Programming Director at The Other 98%: @nacarty

Eleanor Clift: www.thedailybeast.com, @EleanorClift

Martha Coakley: @marthacoakley

Kat Cole, President, Cinnabon, Inc.: @KatColeATL

Ruth Conniff, Editor-in-chief of The Progressive: @rconniff

Ana Marie Cox, author and political columnist for The Guardian: @anamariecox

Jeanne Cummings, Political Reporter and Deputy Government Editor, Bloomberg News: @JeanneCummings

Stephanie Cutter, campaign organizer and political consultant: @stefcutter



Amy Davidson, Executive Editor: www.newyorker.com

Rosario Dawson, actress/activist: @rosariodawson

Victoria Defrancesco Soto, Professor of Public Affairs, Center for Politics: @DrVMDS

Diana DeGette, Colorado’s First Congressional District: @RepDianaDeGette

Susan Del Percio, Republican strategist: @DelPercioS

Ellen Dorsey, advocate for human rights and the environment: @EllenD35

Tara Dowdell, Founder of Tara Dowdell Group, business and political strategist:, @MsTaraDowdell

Tina Dupuy, syndicated columnist and investigative journalist: @TinaDupuy

Mallika Dutt, Indian-American human rights activist and lawyer: @mallikadutt



Mona Eltahawy, Egyptian-American journalist and activist on Arab and Muslim issues: @monaeltahawy

Eve Ensler, American playwright: www.eveensler.org

Noura Erakat, Georgetown University Palestinian-American legal scholar and human rights attorney: @4noura



Karen Finney, political commentator: @finneyk

Jill Filipovic, lawyer and political writer: @GuardianUS and Cosmopolitan.com

Laura Flanders, GRIT TV talk show host: @GRITlaura

Sandra Fluke, American attorney and women’s rights activist: @SandraFluke

Rana Foroohar, Time Magazine Asst. Managing Editor and Global Economic Analyst: @RanaForoohar

Caroline Fredrickson, Executive Director of the American Constitution Society: @crfredrickson



Nancy Giles, Social Commentator, CBS Sunday Morning: @nancygilesnyc

Alexis Goldstein, former Wall Street professional, Occupy Wall Street: @alexisgoldstein

Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now: www.democracynow.org

Gwen Graham: www.gwengraham.com

Jennifer Granholm, former governor of Michigan, educator, author, and commentator: @JenGranholm

Christina Greer, professor, political scientist, @Dr_CMGreer



Lori Haas, Virginia State Director, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: @LoriHaasVA

Maggie Haberman, Senior Political Reporter at Politico: @maggiepolitico

Kay Hagan: www.kayhagan.com

Marie Harf, CIA Analyst, State Department Advisor to the Secretary of State: @marieharf

Maggie Hassan, Governor of New Hampshire: www.maggiehassan.com

Deon Haywood, Executive Director, Women with a Vision, Inc.: http://wwav-no.org

Nia-Malika Henderson, national political reporter for The Washington Post: @NiaWaPo

Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL: @TheNation

Nicole Hollander, American cartoonist and writer: www.nicolehollander.com

Karen Hunter: www.karenhunter.com

Abby Huntsman, cohost of The Cycle: @HuntsmanAbby



Julia Ioffe, Russian-American journalist and blogger for New Republic: @juliaioffe



Amaney Jamal, Associate Professor of Politics at Princeton University: www.amaneyjamal.com

Valerie Jarrett, Senior White House Advisor: @vj44

Rula Jebreal, journalist, novelist, and political commentator: @rulajebreal

Faith Jenkins, attorney and legal commentator: @faithjenkins1

Katie Ray-Jones, CEO of the National Domestic Violence Hotline: @KtRayJones

Ashley Judd: www.ashleyjudd.com



Andrea Kaminski, Executive Director, League of Women Voters: kaminski@lwvwi.org

Robin Kelly, US Representative from Illinois: http://robinkelly.house.gov

Ann Kirkpatrick: @RepKirkpatrick

Naomi Klein, author: www.naomiklein.org

Shelby Knox, writer and speaker: @ShelbyKnox

Jackie Kucinich, politics reporter at The Washington Post: @JFKucinich

Maria Teresa Kumar, Executive Director, Voto Latina: @MariaTeresa1



Celinda Lake, pollster and strategist: @celindalake

Nicole Lamoureux, Executive Director, National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC): @NickyLam

League of Women Voters, nonpartisan political organization: www.lwv.org

Lilly Ledbetter, women’s wages activist: www.lillyledbetter.com

M.J. Lee, financial services reporter: @mj_politico

Carol Leonnig, The Washington Post: @CarolLeonnig

Anne Lewis, filmmaker: www.annelewis.org

Bertha Lewis: www.theblackinstitute.org

Zelda Lily: @zeldalily

Dafna Linzer, Managing Editor, MSNBC.com: @DafnaLinzer

Dahlia Lithwick, Newsweek, Study of the Supreme Court Slate.com



Liz Mair, Republican strategist: @LizMair

Amanda Marcotte, The Fight to Protect Women: @AmandaMarcotte

Ruth Marcus, The Washington Post: @Ruth Marcus

L.Y. Marlow, domestic violence author: www.lynmarlow.com

Zerlina Maxwell, political analyst, writer, and speaker: http://zerlinamaxwell.com

Jane Mayer, investigative reporter (voter fraud), The New Yorker www.newyorker.com/contributors/jane-mayer

Meghan McCain, American columnist: @MeghanMcCain

Senator Claire McCaskill (Missouri): @clairecmc

Heather McGhee, Demos.com: @hmcghee

Jess McIntosh, Emily’s List: @jess_mc

Erin McPike, Real Clear Politics, CNN correspondent: @ErinMcPike

Alisha Menendez, television commentator and writer: http://aliciamenendez.com

Stephanie Miller, American political commentator: www.stephaniemiller.com

Rep. Gwen Moore (Wisconsin): @RepGwenMoore

Susan Milligan, foreign affairs writer: @MilliganSusan

Patricia Murphy: @1PatriciaMurphy

Wendy Murphy, child abuse and sex crimes prosecutor, professor: www.wendymurphylaw.com

Patty Murray, Senior US Senator, Washington, budget chair: www.murray.senate.gov

Dee Dee Myers, political strategist/analyst, Communications Chief, Warner Bros.



Nancy Northup, Center for Reproductive Rights: http://reproductiverights.org

Olivia Nuzzi, reporter: @Olivianuzzi



Helaine Olen, journalist, author of Study of Debt: www.helaineolen.com

Margie Omero, Momentum Analysis, LLC: @MargieOmero



Susan Page, USA Today: @SusanPage, www.susanpage.com

Kathleen Parker, Washington Post journalist: @kathleenparker

Eva Patterson: http://equaljusticesociety.wordpress.com

Myrna Perez: http://brennancenter.org

Melissa Harris Perry, professor, writer, and TV host: @MHarrisPerry

Lorella Praeli, immigration policies: @lorellaluciana, @unitedwedream

Jen Psaki, US State Department: @jrpsaki





Alicia Reece, Women of Action: @aliciareece

Joy Ann Reid, broadcaster, writer, and analyst: @JoyAnnReid

Hanna Rosin, author: http://hannarosin.com, @HannaRosin

Tricia Rose, Professor Africana Studies, Brown University: @ProTriciaRose

Alice Rivlin, Economics Study, Brookings Institute: @JustRivlin

Daria Roithmayr, USC law professor and author: @droithmayr

Angela Rye, politico and lawyer: @angela_rye



Zainab Salbi, women’s rights humanitarian and filmmaker: @ZainabSalbi

Sheryl Sandberg, technology executive and author: @sherylsandberg

Bernice Sandler, women’s rights activist: www.bernicesandler.com

Stephanie Schiock, fundraising strategist for women in government: @Schriock1

Connie Schultz, journalist: @ConnieSchultz

Andrea Seabrook, radio reporter: @RadioBabe

Taiye Selasi, author and photographer: @taiyeselasi

Hina Shamsi, Director, ACLU National Security: @ HinaShamsi

Mary Shapiro, Twenty-ninth Chair of US SEC: http://maryshapiro.com

Meredith Shiner, politics reporter: @meredithshiner

Krysten Simena, Arizona’s Ninth District US Representative: @RepSinema

Victoria Defrancesco Soto, Professor of Public Affairs, Center for Politics: @DrVMDS

Sally Steenland, Faith & Progressive Policy Initiative: @ssteenland

Madelyn Stowe, film star: @MadelineStowe

Amy Sullivan: Time.com

Emily Tisch Sussman, Campaign Director, Center for American Progress Action Fund: @EmTSuss



Neera Tanden, Center for American Progress: @neeratanden

Lena Taylor, Wisconsin State Senator: @SenTaylor

Zephyr Teachout, constitutional law professor: @zephyrteachout

Marlo Thomas: www.marlothomas.com, @MarloThomas

Salamishah Tillet, University of Pennsylvania Professor of English and Africana Studies: @salamisha

Rebecca Traister, New Republic editor: @rtraister

Emily Tisch Sussman, Campaign Director, Center for American Progress Action Fund: @EmTSuss

Shira Toeplitz, Roll Call Political Editor: @ShirCenter

Cynthia Tucker: @ctuckerprof

Nina Turner, Senator, Ohio  @ninaturner



Carmen Wong Ulrich, finance expert: @carmensense





Wagatwe Wanjuki, writer and strategist (sexual assaults): @wagatwe

Shannon Watts, Gun Sense in America: @MomsDemand, @shannonwatts

Sonja West, law professor: @sonjawest

L. Joy Williams, political strategist: @ljoywilliams

Lizz Winstead, writer and TV producer: @lizzwinstead



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