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If you have been paying attention to World News and Weather you must agree a lot of people have needed to leave their home in a hurry…many times with no home to go back to.  Sometimes our Federal Government and other Disaster Relief Organizations have their hands full and anything you can do on your own helps everybody, not to mention puts you in control and gives you peace of mind.

 Ladies,  GoBagMeals are to assemble to buy you some time until you can get to friends, family and money after any disaster. Who knows what disaster is lurking…are you in an Earthquake zone? A Hurricane zone? Beneath a Volcano? In a Flood Zone?  Domestic violence? Or, you might be listening to prophesies of Nostradamus or watchers of Biblical prophesy.

FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS : The GoBagMeal  Menu and NecessiTote have been designed with the following information in mind:

1. You must add your own Drinking Water to place beside your GoBagMeals tote and grab BOTH while exiting your home. One Case Bottled Water $2.99 & 1 gal Drinking Water to wash up .99 cents. Make this purchase today while you assemble your GoBagMeals menu items. Go ahead add them to your shopping list and scratch them off.

2.  The GoBagMeals is a list you can put together yourself, you are not too busy.  Tell your family and friends what you have done.  Do it Today!

3.  Shelf life has been taken into consideration but GoBagMeals are not Military Rations. These food items are what you already love with 1-2 year shelf lives. There are a few snacks you will want to update quarterly…go ahead and get into the Tote, eat those snacks early and replace with your own favorites. This is a good way to familiarize and “customize” your own Tote.  Don’t replace with anything that will melt, i.e. chocolate cookies, etc.

4.  I would have loved to include some of the wonderful microwave to-go meals, however, GoBagMeals assume you cannot get to electricity.  (If the meals do not sound very appetizing to you, visualize yourself with Tom Hanks in Castaway.)

5. Necessi-Tote to complete your emergency plans by assembling items you will wish you had.

6.  Add one additional tote for your Pet to place with your GoBagMeals, Necessi-Tote & shutterstock_97244030Water. — Animal lovers will always put their pet’s safety at the top, but just a reminder to have ready carrying cases, leashes, the lightest dog/cat food you can find. Don’t forget to purchase any Pet Rxs as extra to pack along side your own medications in the Necessi-Tote.

7.  There are always items unique to you that you just MUST have to keep you sane. With me it is my Visine & tweezers…with my husband it is his POLIGRIP. Add to your Necessi-Tote.

8. Ladies, you won’t have your 5-drawer Make-Up chest. Decide on the few items that make you feel decent. With me it is my eye-liner pencil, compact and Chapstick.  That’s all you really need.

**If and only IF you can manage it… grab your Laptop, Camera, and keep your good Jewelry in a separate smaller case you can grab in the dark.

The word on the street is to prepare. Remember, as you are customizing your own Totes, you are going to have to carry it.  Keep it as light as possible. 


Weather Radio

Turn Off your Utilities w/pliers, etc.

Cell Phone & Chargers

Eye Glasses/Contact Lenses Case

Waterproof Pouch w/Personal Documents

FIRST AID KIT w/ SUNSCREEN! Come to find out (the hard way) our Sun has become deadly!) Sunscreen BEFORE make-up & throw in your HAT!

Blanket, extra clothes and a Map

Clorox for disinfecting

The stylized Clorox logo used on Clorox bleach...

The stylized Clorox logo used on Clorox bleach and other Clorox consumer products. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Entertainment (Playing Cards/Books/Magazines/Toys)


First Aid Web Sites

Backpack Emergency Kits

Auto Emergency Kits



Not for Weight Loss or  Gluten-Free

  Items are marked w/shelf-life.

  Store in cool place and small dents are OK.

Stay Safe,

                  DJ Parsons



Kellogg’s Raisin Bran                                                            .89 x 2             1.78

Raisin Bran

Raisin Bran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Special K                                                                                .89 x 2             1.78

Corn Flakes                                                                            .82 x 2             1.64

Powdered Milk                                                                       .72 x 6             4.32

Del Monte Peaches Cups                                                       .32 x 2               .64

N Joy Brown Sugar                                                                .29 x 2               .58

Sunsweet Prunes                                                                     .89 x 1             .89

StarKist White Tuna Salad                                                    1.10 x 2            2.20

Mayo                                                                                       .16 x 2               .32

Relish                                                                                      .12 x 2               .24

Blue Diamond Smokehouse Crisps   1/2                               1.99 x 1           1.99

Snack Pack Butterscotch Pudding Cups                                  .20 x 2             .40

Underwood Turkey Spread                                                    2.41 x 2           4.82

Mayo                                                                                         .16 x 2             .32

Smokehouse Crisps    1/2

Artichoke Hearts                                                                    2.88 x 1           2.88

Craissans                                                                                .97 x 2             1.94

Musselman’s Applesauce Cups                                              .25 x 2               .50

Biscotti Croissants                                                                 .37 x 2               .74

Knotts Berry Farms Maple Syrup                                          .32 x 2               .64

Chicken Chunks                                                                     1.99 x 2           4.72

Mayo                                                                                       .16 x 2              .32

Blue Diamond Pecan Crisps ½                                              1.99 x 1           1.99

Reese Mandarin Oranges                                                       1.47 x 1           1.47

Gardettos Pretzels                                                                  .27 x 2               .54

Fudge Topping                                                                       .54 x 1                .54

Boneless Chunk Chicken of the Sea Salmon Cups qty 2      3.98 x 1            3.98

Butter Granules                                                                      .13 x 2                .26

Blue Diamond Pecan Crisps ½

Cocktail Onions                                                                      1.97 x 1           1.97

Chocolate Pudding cups                                                         .20 x 2             .40

Del Monte Mixed Fruit Cups                                                 .46 x 2               .92

Mini-Pop Tarts                                                                       .22 x 2               .44

Underwood Roast Beef Spread                                              2.41 x 2           4.82

Horseradish Hot Sauce                                                           .15 x 2              .30

Blue Diamond Cheddar Cheese Rice Thins 1/2                    1.99 x 1           1.99

Van Camp’s Beanie Weenies                                                 .32 x 2               .64

Fritos                                                                                      .22 x 2               .44

Chunky Sirloin Burger Soup                                                  1.41 x 2           2.82

Blue Diamond Cheddar Cheese Rice Thins   1/2

Tapioca Pudding Cups                                                           .20 x 2               .40

Fruit Squeezers                                                                       .49 x 6             2.94

Crystal Lites                                                                           .17 x 6             1.02

Coffee  Freeze-dried  Jar                                                                                2.28


Cups                                        .10 x 6             .60

Paper Plates                            .08 x 18         1.44

Cutlery                                    .01 x 54           .54

Paper Towels                                                  .30

Toilet Paper                                                    .16

Can Opener                                                    .32

Totes (1) shoebox size & (1) 23″x16″ or thereabouts                                                           12.00

Total Food and Packaging                           $ ______ very approximate


Seasonings – Salt & Pepper packets                       .25

Sugar/Creamer                                  .07 x 12           .84

Walnuts/Almonds                                                    10.00

Hand Sanitizer

Wine – (the little 4-pack)     

Swivel Stirrers  



Neosporin Plus 2 BandAids, Comb, Brush, Shampoo, Conditioner, Bayer Aspirin, OFF Deep Woods, Alcohol pads, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deoderant, Hand Sanitizer, Feminine Product, Razor, Soap, Shave Gel, Wet Wipes, Ear Plugs, Toilet Paper, Flashlight, Whistle, Candle, Lighter, Pen and Paper, Calendar, Matches, Q-tips, Scissors 3 1/2 inch round, Tissues, Face Mask. Refer to the Packing Slip for more instructions, i.e. some Cash and Change. SUNSCREEN & HAT! You could get caught on the side of the highway waiting for help in the sun.


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