Getting the thing you have coveted has destroyed you.

I Remember a Star Trek episode when Spock is called home to Vulcan for a marriage ceremony manipulated by his betrothed.  A contract that could end with death of Captain Kirk. Spock admonishes his intended fiancé in the last scene… getting the thing you have coveted is what has destroyed you.”

Women said NO! to a KING in America. It wasn’t easy but boy didn’t women shine. I can’t believe how many smart courageous women have been speaking out informing & instructing us. And giving us the correct news and how it affects women & children. Turns out Trumpism is despised by most women now playing out with those refusing to wear masks in order to protect others; and, having a big-ass tantrum on the steps of the Nation’s Capitol, both men & women but mostly men. This is a men problem.  We do have men standing up for civil rights & women’s rights, and being decent, however they are anomalies. Way too few & many of those would crumble in a crisis. It’s an evolutionary process. That’s where the rubber hits the road because in most religious doctrine men do not believe in evolution. So they don’t evolve. This is becoming a problem.


Whose move is it?

I hadn’t noticed before. Not only is she blind-folded but her dress has been torn or ravaged. – D.J. Parsons 2021

No. Not this time.
No more religious wars.