HEALTHCARE! What do we have to do to demand it?

Women are discussing how we can get the Vote out for 2020. By the time you receive this e-mail 2018 will be in our rear-view mirror.

I have written about women’s rights for decades and it feels like another 1920 moment. Courageous woman after woman stepping forward in protests, even dying, has verified old warnings of yes there is a war on women and always has been. We have recently seen it viciously. Millions of women are against their own friends and family, and you know what they say, “if momma ain’t happy, no one is happy.” Well, momma ain’t happy.

If women can’t get their children to a hospital (rural hospitals are being defunded and are closing, and be able to pay for it, the blowback will be fatal for families and relationships. In the November 2018 midterms three (3) more states voted to expand Medicaid (Kansas, Maine, Wisconsin.) Hope yours was one of them. If it wasn’t it was because your state didn’t vote for it.

Women must be given a strategy and courage to vote with clarity. Please Click on PDF Tab above for FREE PDF PowerPoint slide presentation you may use to remind friends, co-workers and family to vote for women, both Red and Blue. The slides can be utilized at conferences or monthly club meetings or when you might need a fill in; they are bipartisan nothing uncomfortable. However, the real meat on the bones for women who want to know what is going on not hearsay and rumors, can be found in the 2020 Election Guide on above Book Page that links to Amazon.


D.J. Parsons


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