I'll meet you at the Mall.

                         Is there something lustful about holding a gun?

Come to find out NRA answers to someone higher on pecking order. As long as our eye is on NRA someone else is being protected. Who are they?

That’s the way those “someones” make their bones. It sounds to me like that they are close to a monopoly.    

It is true more women today are taking gun classes & carry cards. I could hit my mark if necessary. But…


A hint for Behavioral Scientists & Clinical Psychologists.  It’s about the males.

Male out-of-control aggression & inadequacy. (Many are complaining about having no jobs.)  Now men know how it feels to be a female left alone to raise children and work 2-3 jobs, scrub floors, prostitute ourselves, anything it takes to feed the children. THAT’s what it was like for women in 1800s & prior.  The rise in male aggression is connected w/ men not wanting women to have safe & autonomous rights over their own bodies.  The practice of Viagra dot connects. The failure of the Church connects. (A church on every corner & no love in the land.)

Male Biology reacting to females equal in every way & superior at times, to them.  HRC would have shined light on males in Congress & their corrupt shenanigans ( and they couldn’t have that, now could they?

Males have only BEGUN to go crazy.

Ladies, we need to get ahead of this before:

  • we can’t Vote unless we make a certain amount of money. 

These guys PASS LAWS! Or…

  •  before they pass a law to imprison us for a miscarriage. Unfortunately the Supreme Court may be untrustworthy. The way these men bow down to Trumpism, anything could happen.  It could happen “just like that!”–

AND THEY’RE ARMING THEIRSELVES! Will we have to arm ourselves against them?

Think D-I-V-O-R-C-E before buying a weapon. But if you must, you must…  

A day at the lake, I'll bring the picnic basket.

“A day at the lake, I’ll bring the picnic basket.”

An evening out on the town.

“An evening out on the town. I’ll wear my pearls.”


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