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The Coming Matriarchal System Must Save World

I am proud of the women in the United States on how they once again reached for equality, were shot down, stomped on and almost killed dead…gaining strength for the coming RvW show-down. All in all, the women out-shown, out classed the men, all of them, but was not awarded the position, however...

75px-hillary_clinton_1992HRC will be the name studied and tested on college papers, with those who blocked her presidency thought of with distain…

…the millions of Trump Females will be discarded in history, no names remembered except group names i.e. female evangelicals who bowed to their male superiors; the women of out-of-work blue collars railing on how they have been mistreated; women who idealize men, can’t live without one, because of no self-worth of their own.

How stupid can we be. A token to be tolerated. No equal wages? No safe reproductive care? No need for education tuition because we’re more than only vote suppressed. Watch a few movies to remind yourself of what the world looks like when women have no say.THE HOMESMAN with Hilary Swank Tommy Lee JonesBergman-Quinn The Visit






Neanderthal Women were pulled by the hair to be mounted; cave-woman-image








Imprisoned in dark dungeons as was Eleanor of Aquitaine eleanor-of-aquitaine-1

Eleanor of Aquitaine married Louis VII of France and Henry II of England. Both men imprisoned her for her political views and to steal her land. (GREAT reading!)




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Punched & thrown into insane asylums by men in 1920 Vote;     suffragette-3








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The rage of men against women.

I’m free in America because women before me fought century after century. The women who betrayed Mrs. Clinton chose the male with no resume or integrity over the female with a life-time of public achievement…these people must be shunned. I wouldn’t mention it to other women if I were you. Keep it to yourselves. Give yourself time to research & make better decisions. Women are known for being smart enough to change their minds when wrong. I have voted both Republican and Democrat. This isn’t about that. This is about a biologic attack on females of the species to bring them back in line. The bell curve may reflect a small percentage of progressive men, a few, if one loves you, you’re lucky. Regardless, there doesn’t seem to be enough effort on their part to stand together against…the…Neanderthals…such as:

One example would be CEO of Gallop, Jim Clifton recently stating Millennials are not smart enough to be entrepreneurs & start businesses and should be home birthing white babies MSNBC Jan 2017. Controlled births by ethnicity. Our males are tribal in nature. Females will begin to protect themselves, viciously.

Endemic warfare is the state of continual, low-threshold warfare in a tribal warrior society. Warfare is known to several tribal societies, but some societies develop a particular emphasis of warrior culture (such as the Nuer of Sudan, the Māori of New Zealand, the Yanomamö (dubbed “the Fierce People”) of the Amazon, or the Germanic tribes of Iron Age Europe). Endemic warfare – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Twelve Tribes of Israel and the Red ones and the White ones and the Black ones and the Straight ones and the Gay ones and the rich ones and the poor ones and different strokes for different folks and scooby dooby doo. Oh sha sha we got to live together – Sly and The Family Stone. – 1968


Nostradamus 3

Nostradamus prophesized the Rise of Women in defense and fear for their own lives and those of their daughters from husbands, sons, & ministers, especially ministers. The Church has enjoyed lording over females for thousands of years.

I’m curious…when women cut men off from their wonderful, cozy, clean homes with delicious dinner aromas coming from the stove, and NO nookie, will men get even more barbaric??


A nice little store in your neighborhood strip center (next to Subway and Cash & Go) will be Divorces-on-Demand a store to buy a quick & easy cheap divorce…financing available. It’s looking like this drastic measure will be the only weapon left to us. The CIA doesn’t know the word covert until they experience their wives, daughters, female co-workers, & MOTHERS, go underground. Then we can get on with the matters needed at hand, like…

Hospitals & Clinics for Women, run & financed by women, female physicians and a female administration…our own rules.shutterstock_125541026

Men have made their bed without us with this past Presidential Election; they did not put their wives & daughters healthcare first.

They voted NO to our safety,

They don’t really love us, only themselvesIt’s biologic. 

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