Americas’ “Word no good” & will never be happy again…

casino-jackWhat do you think other countries are thinking now we have put a gambler in the White House. The most powerful man in the world. A predator to others. Going after the greedy bastards at the top (quite impossible) instead of protecting RvW (was possible) is the biggest mistake women have made in recent history. (The 9th Supreme.) Goldman Sachs the biggest winner of the Election, I hear.shutterstock_24890797-1024x682







Every woman is afraid of questionable men with questionable reputations known & proven to say anything for their ego & benefit. Insatiable“I can do what I want, when I want, to whom I want.”

Mirror-3These are the guys who say women must be punished for abortion with no penalties for males. Eleven (11) women came forth with agonizing and embarrassing information, warning us and no one cared. Don’t expect them to care for your daughters when it happens to them. You’ll know if your husband/lover/friend really loves you or not, if they don’t care about women’s rights. The Election proved it. Red State after Red State after Red State. They don’t really love us. It’s not like the song says…”in his kiss.” It’s when he verbally understands and fights for safe reproductive care for his wife and daughters, lovers & friends. Again, the Red States said NO! We don’t really love you, only ourselves. TERRIFYING, isn’t it? 


Get ready for increase in spousal abuse. shutterstock_67756063

What can you do? Don’t marry these SOB’s.

This is the first time in our written history women do not need to marry to survive. (Or prostitute themselves.)  For those in unhappy & abusive unions…Divorce.  I can think of no other leverage. I’m not kidding. If you are able to help raise funds for these women research your local Shelters. For women of means, get as much from your settlements as you can. Freedom from men will be the only freedom you have. Don’t rely on the Church. They ALWAYS vote to enslave women. Go on…check your history. Watch any movie. Read any book. They blame Eve for the Fall of Man, not Man. It’s in their DNA.


Thousands of women voted ignorantly, but it was the men who spoke loud and clear. It wasn’t about their jobs coming back (Cry Babies! Mop floors like women do.) In spite of the Carrier Ace75px-aceofspades-svg, no one really believes those kinds of jobs are coming back.)  We are evolving from one age to another. This was a cleverly played diversion. (Tricksters always have a diversion.) 

“There will be no woman in power!”

They made sure of it. Even the FBI. The bottom-feeder scumbag got the prize….anybody but her they said… the qualified one. The one who could have coaxed us back from the precipice like a mother does her children. The female side of the brain reaching out to bring back into balance our aggressive males. Some female spiders eat their mates. Now I know why.  

There will be no equal wages for women. There will be no jobs for women. There will be no safe birth control for women. There will be no college tuition help for women. Get it? Although opportunities come again, not this one. Not this very big one. The Make America Great Again have foolishly made sure, America will never be AS great, again.

Black & white portrait photograph of Hillary R...

Black & white portrait photograph of Hillary Rodham Clinton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who’s next? Who cares…

I do. Think of your favorite movie where the best friend shouts “Get Out! Get out! Get safe. Get safe. With this violent attack against women, embodied in the brutal attack on Hillary Clinton, (nothing less than out of the Dark Ages. Tied to a stake and burned alive.) Evil won and HRC got her wings.


MSNBC ‘s Lawrence, Rachel, Chris Hayes (not Matthews who caved at 2nd debate) Tamron, Steph R. and most of the road-warriors tried their best to give warning, but MTP, Andrea, Joe S. and many others did not go for the kill reflecting the real dangers. Precious time wasted on HRC e-mails. The State Department (according to Robert Ludlum novels) deals with SPIES! shutterstock_159721961Obviously, lots & lots of secrets. HRC was probably the safest person in Washington. Her policy of loose lips sinks ships (the 30K e-mails) probably SAVED our assets in the field. It has been my experience men are the worst gossipers and don’t you know they are all busy covering their tracks.  Whatever happened in Bengazhi was most certain a male screw-up not female.  Whatever was in those 30K e-mails were State Secrets. HRC offered up her reputation to secure those secrets. What did Republicans do? Allowed Russia in. 

Is Progressive News Media a click away from the garbage bin? Will there be only FOX News? Like North Korea? Did MSNBC know ahead of time? Have they deserted us having merged with the enemy?  Having dinner with Trump tonight?

Freedom of the Press going, going, gone… What happens when our Free Press becomes impotent? YOUR FIRED!? Law suits? Imprisonment? Ask Journalists in Turkey. 

Our new Fascist Totalitarian One-party State (Roman in nature?) reigns supreme directly to it’s Empire through Twitter. Men have been non-surprisingly & easily duped. Women are going to war. I guess there was a “war on women” after all...  They’ve gone too far this time.

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