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Hate Trumped Love in America

shutterstock_67756063Sitting in my hair dresser‘s chair today, several young women came through the door asking for donations for abused women & children. After reaching for my purse I hesitated, realizing our Country recently voted in this very kind of man an abuser of just about everyone. Our Country (correction, white men & pious women in our Country) chose non-existent jobs over the protection of women and girls. I didn’t donate.  I’m bitter.

Women…you’re on your own. I suggest moving to a Blue State with better men in deed & character.

Are you really for woman's equality, or not?

Woman’s equality was on the Ballot and they voted against. Some women voted for Donald Trump & used Religious reasons to do so. The Church voted in the Man of Perdition & Persecution will follow.

By choosing Donald Trump as your savior you have set back equal rights for women a generation. There is nothing that disgusts me more than a pious woman. Stupid men are foreseeable, but the women who spread the rumor that HRC “killed babies” have a special fall to come. You’ll see. God has a habit of taking down Pharisees, both men & women in His own good time. Revel in your short-lived victory… the Plagues, Vials, & Locusts are coming.

English: Donald Trump's signature.

English: Donald Trump’s signature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)