Why do Christians Vote Republican

We thought we were right when we voted "right," but were we ever WRONG!

We thought we were right when we voted “right,” but were deceived.


Republican Veterans voted against themselves.  You can go on-line and see the Senators who voted against Veterans, no jobs, no workman’s comp, no food assistance program. Why outside groups like Wounded Warriors? Because Republicans are not generous. Dozens of Laws could have been passed to aid Veterans, but were voted down by Republicans. (Thom Hartmann 11/11/14.) However, Republicans want more veterans. Vote Republican and get ready for war. They can’t raise taxes to pay for another war (we’re broke, remember,) so where will the money come from? YOUR taxes will raise, not THEIRS. The reason your taxes go up, is, because theirs goes DOWN!  It’s called tax cuts, but again, not for you. Um…

Republicans voted against Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and have convinced women there is no war-on-women.  I have a friend involved in CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates.)


in Missouri, an organization founded to help women and children in abusive situations. But she votes Republican. Republican Senators and House Representatives voted against VAWA. How can you work to help abused women and children, and then vote against the Law that would protect them. Um…

I said I was going to vote Democrat...


Republicans voted for racism to continue in Missouri.Celia SlaveMissouri’s governor, Jay Nixon, may regret his decision to not appoint an outside special prosecutor in racially-charged Ferguson, Missouri. No wonder Democrats are ineffective in Missouri and keep getting stuck with Roy Blunt.

A worthy side-note is, only a short drive west on Hwy.70 to Fulton, Missouri you’ll find the home of Celia, the Slave.  A college librarian introduced me  to Celia.  (A young slave girl in1855 so repeatedly raped, she was forced to murder her master-owner.) It’s going to be a big deal in Fulton, MO with a museum to honor her. But what’s fascinating, is, Fulton-Ferguson. No changes in 159 years in the same area. Read Celia’s story at http://www.amazon.com/Celia-Slave-Melton-A-Mclaurin/dp/0380803364

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