And The OSCAR Goes TO….

Photo Image - MSNBC

Photo Image – MSNBC

AND THE OSCAR GOES TO….Daryl Issa for his good manners and respect for authority. Did a little research on this guy. He’s worth $450 million. He graduated from Kent University in the 70’s where that terrible shooting occurred. (National Guard fired and killed students for protesting against the Cambodian/Vietnam crises.)

Also this was the same time as the Watergate political scandal.

Kent U. is in Ohio the same place where Voter Suppression is its nastiest.

I dunno…the dots don’t connect.

You would think Darrell, a successful VERY successful entrepreneur from California  would be totally against the abuse of power, having lived through it at a young impressionable age…AND FROM CALIFORNIA!

When he turned that mic off, and made the “cut gesture” with his hand disrespecting a fellow Committee member– Elijah Cummings…

Elijah Cummings…he revealed his true nature.

Well… you know what Jesus said about money….(if you don’t know, He said it is the root of all evil…)


THE REAL OSCAR WENT TO… A few of those nasty Liberals in Hollywood who had the audacity to give God the credit and honor…yes, Matthew McConaughey, you gave God the glory and gave His testimony.

Also, the Oscar Audience was treated to:

He gave God the glory in front of millions.

He gave God the glory in front of millions. – Wikipedia

….the lady who sang His Eye Is On the Sparrow,



Sparrow (Photo credit: f.stroganov)







to a standing ovation.

All those Democratic Hollywood-types standing and giving God glory. Well, what do you know about that. I can hear a few Republican Conservatives sneering and saying… “That’s MY pew!”  


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