Monthly Archives: February 2014


I'll meet you at the Mall.

Meet me at the Mall. I saw a dress to KILL for.

Is there something lustful about holding a gun?

Is it a turn-on?

I thought a guy scolding me harshly was going to have a stroke because I had strayed off topic on a certain blog stream. He was really angry because myself and another woman had digressed. I asked him if he was one of those guys who shoots his gun into a car of teenagers because their music was loud and annoying; or, shoots a man in a movie theater because he was texting.

The NRA has done its best to make sure we shoot first and ask questions later. That’s the way they make their bones.

Guns are not for “protection” anymore.

They are for killing.

“For those who live by the sword, they will die by the sword.”

I guess that’s O.K. with me, at least it will be quick.


A day at the lake, I'll bring the picnic basket.

“A day at the lake, I’ll bring the picnic basket.”

An evening out on the town.

“An evening out on the town. I’ll wear my pearls.”