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Are You Athena, or Medusa? Self-Examination (It’s not what you think…)

I have a whole new view of Medusa, now.

I have a whole new view of Medusa.

What kind of women are we?

Medusa was a beautiful woman serving in Athena’s court.  Her beauty drew the unwanted attention of Poseidon who raped her.  Medusa fled to Athena for help, but jealous Athena punishes Medusa for the crime she was not at fault for, siding with the man in power.

Many women do not support other women.  Most of us have felt the knife from a “sister” at some time. I have to tell ya… tomorrow’s women will not have the freedoms women fought for, unless…we unite.  States are stripping women of their  independence at every turn. (not about abortion)   It may even be a spiritual battle of some kind.  Men’s motives are not yet clear, and the head of the snake is not visible using lower Governors as their pawn. ….  What is it?  What have women done to deserve such shabby treatment?

The BACKLASH has began…many are doing their best (Madeline Stowe was in Virginia)… Moral Mondays in Virginia and a fight in South Carolina, and the WAR in Texas, but it is going to take us ALL, in all all 50 States, both Blue and Red.

This fight is not about morals, nor about individual belief systems.  It’s about nothing less than survival for our little girls.

We all need a reminder, take a short refresher look…  Review the Movie THE CRIMSON PETAL AND THE WHITE, Novel by Michel Faber.   The title is from an 1847 poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson entitled “Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal“.

In the good 'ole days when we used Borax up the vagina. (Upside down on our backs!)
The Protagonist throws herself down a staircase to abort in order to stop the Man of the House from throwing her out into the streets to starve, because he’s gotten her pregnant.  She breaks her ankle on the stairs, but still needs to lie upside down on her back in agony to complete the abortion.   The Glenn Beck and the entire Religious Conservative Right Political Agenda want to take away birth control pills. What are they thinking? (Can  you imagine how many billions $ could be made on the Black Market?)

Conversation with Dealer:  “Hey, man…I need a little Marijuana, , and throw in a few birth controls pills.” 

Why does the Religious Right strive to be holy…for God’s benefit or for their own?

WHAT DO YOU THINK?  What kind of future do you want for your daughter?


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